New Zealand Graduates

Required Qualifications and Experience:

As a New Zealand graduate you will need to have achieved the following to be eligible to apply for registration as an Anaesthetic Technician:

  • Completed either the Diploma in Applied Science (Anaesthetic Technology) or the Graduate Certificate in Science (Anaesthetic Technology) at the Auckland University of Technology, (or one of the two New Zealand qualifications approved as being substantially equivalent); and/or
  • Completed 3-years fulltime equivalent clinical experience as a Trainee Anaesthetic Technician (or 18-months/2-years if you qualified for a shorter training period due to previous health qualifications and did the Graduate Certificate course of study); and/or
  • Completed the Anaesthetic Technician registration examination; and
  • Can demonstrate you are fit for registration

Documentation to be Submitted:

 You must provide the following documents with your application for registration:

  • 1 x completed Application for Registration form;
  • 1 x completed Certificate of Good Character form (personal);
  • 1 x completed Certificate of Anaesthetic Technician Experience form;
  • 1 x Fees Payment form;
  • A fee payment of $391.00;
  • 1 x certified copy of your academic qualification(s);
  • 1 x certified copy of the results of your Anaesthetic Technician registration examination;
  • 1 x certified passport-style photograph
  • Evidence of name change if applicable;
  • A police certificate that is no more than three months old.

Note: a certified copy means that it must be confirmed as being a true and accurate copy and/or likeness and signed by a Justice of the Peace, a lawyer, a Member of Parliament, or any other person authorised to take statutory declarations.

Providing the Council has received all the required documents and they have been accurately completed, along with the fees payment, you can expect to be informed of the outcome of your application for registration within 10 working days of receipt.

Click on the links at the bottom of this page to download the required application documents including information guidelines on the registration process.

Please note, once you have been granted registration you must apply to the Council for an annual practising certificate (APC) to be able to practise as an Anaesthetic Technician in any New Zealand hospital/healthcare facility.