Accreditation of providers of prescribed qualifications

The Council has prescribed qualifications required for registration in the profession of anaesthetic technology.  Educational institutions who offer these qualification programmes are required to meet the Council's accreditation standards and undergo an ongoing monitoring process.

The Council has prescribed the following qualifications for the scope of practice of Anaesthetic Technician:

Diploma in Applied Sciences (Anaesthetic Technology); and

Graduate Certificate in Applied Sciences (Anaesthetic Technology)

The Objectives of Accreditation:

The Council undertakes an accreditation review process with New Zealand educational institutions that provide the above prescribed qualification programmes to ensure graduates of those programmes have a sound knowledge and skills base to practise anaesthetic technology safely and effectively.

The Council requires that prescribed qualification programmes meet the requirements for competence as set out in the Council's Competencies for Anaesthetic Technicians.  Click on the link at the bottom of this page to download a copy of these competencies.

The accreditation review focuses on the achievement of objectives, maintenance of academic standards, public safety requirements, and sound inputs and outcomes rather than on detailed specification of curriculum content.

Term of Accreditation

The Council will grant accreditation status for a period of up to 5-years. 

In some circumstances the Council may accredit an education provider for a term of less than 5-years due to identification of significant improvements required for the qualification programme to meet the Council's standards.  When the required improvements have been addressed to the Council's satisfaction, accreditation may be extended to the original 5-year period.

Cost of the Accreditation Review

The costs associated with an accreditation review will be the responsibility of the education provider.  The Council will invoice the education provider at the conclusion of the accreditation review cycle.  Costs will be invoiced on a cost-recovery basis (that is, the Council will only invoice for actual expenditure incurred). Costs include preparation, the site visit, report preparation, and travel and accommodation costs.

 Accreditation Guidelines

The Accreditation Standards for Education Providers of leading to registration as an Anaesthetic Technician can be found below.


 Accreditation standards for anaesthetic technician training hospitals