Accreditation of Training Hospitals

The focus of the Council's accreditation responsibilities is to ensure prescribed qualification programmes meet registration requirements.  It is therefore appropriate for the Council to accredit those hospitals that are involved in providing the clinical/practical components of the prescribed qualification programmes.

As a starting point, the Council agreed to accredit the 21 New Zealand hospitals previously approved as training hospitals by the New Zealand Society of Anaesthetic Technicians.  Since 2012 a cycle of accreditation reviews of these hospitals has been put in place.

Any hospital wanting to employ trainee Anaesthetic Technicians that has not had previous approval for training hospital status from NZATS, will need to make a formal application to the Medical Sciences Council of New Zealand.

Objectives of Accreditation

The Council undertakes an accreditation review of New Zealand hospitals that employ trainee Anaesthetic Technicians to ensure the workplace provides a safe learning environment with adequate and appropriate resources for trainees to meet the requirements of the clinical components of their qualification programme in preparation for being eligible for registration as an Anaesthetic Technician.

Term of Accreditation

The Council will grant accreditation status to a training hospital for a period of up to 5 years. 

In some circumstances accreditation of a training hospital may be granted for a shorter period due to significant improvements being required.  When the required improvements have been addressed to the Council's satisfaction, accreditation may be extended to the original 5-year period.

An unsatisfactory annual report and/or notification to the Council that raises concerns about a training hospital's ability to provide a supportive learning environment to trainee Anaesthetic Technicians may prompt the Council to undertake further site visit(s) outside of the regular 5-year cycle.

Cost of the Accreditation Review

The costs associated with an accreditation review will be the responsibility of the individual training hospital.  The Council will invoice the training hospital concerned at the conclusion of the 5-yearly accreditation review cycle.  Costs will be invoiced on a cost-recovery basis (that is, the Council will only invoice for the actual expenditure incurred). 

The indicative cost for an accreditation review of a training hospital is $3,500 - $4,000.  This includes preparation, the site visit, report preparation, and travel costs. 


 Accreditation standards for anaesthetic technician training hospitals