The accreditation review process for providers of prescribed qualification programmes

Process of an Accreditation Review:

The accreditation review will utilise processes that are open, consultative, and transparent to both parties.

The Council appoints an accreditation team to undertake the 5-yearly accreditation review.  The team will typically be comprised of 3 – 5 members.

The accreditation team will designate one of its members to be the primary liaison person with university personnel to discuss and agree the accreditation review programme.

An accreditation review will involve the following activities:

  1. Education provider submits documentation to the Council
  2. If the qualification programme is offered through distance learning, the accreditation team will interview students prior to the site visit
  3. Accreditation team reviews documentation prior to site visit
  4. Site visit takes place which will include interviews with management, staff, students (if on-campus), anaesthetic technician practitioners/employers, tour of services and facilities and a review of on-campus documentation.  The site visit will typically be conducted over a period of 1-3 days
  5. Accreditation team prepares a draft report of its findings
  6. Education provider is given an opportunity to comment on the draft report
  7. Accreditation team submits its final report to the Council
  8. The Council considers the accreditation report and makes a final decision on the accreditation status for the education provider concerned
  9. The Council informs the education provider of its decisions
  10. The Council monitors the education provider in respect of any required improvements/changes 
  11. The education provider submits an annual report to the Council