Change my Scope of Practice to Medical Laboratory Technician or Medical Laboratory Pre-Analytical Technician

I am a Registered Medical Laboratory Scientist

If you are a registered scientist who is seeking employment as a technician or pre-analytical technician, you will need to hold an APC as a technician or a pre-analytical technician.  You can apply to the Council for a change of scope of practice. 

As a medical laboratory technician or medical laboratory pre-analytical technician you:

  • will be required to work under the direction of a registered medical laboratory scientist or other appropriately registered health practitioner: and
  • medical laboratory technicians must meet the Council's recertification requirements for medical laboratory technicians.


I am a Registered Medical Laboratory Pre-Analytical Technician

If you would like to change your scope from medical laboratory pre-analytical technician to medical laboratory technician there are two possible routes:

  1. If you hold an approved qualification for example QMLT Biochemistry or Bachelor of Science and are already registered (provisional or full), you can apply for a change of scope. You will initially be provisionally registered in the MLT scope and will be required to complete a specified length of time under supervision.
  2. If you do not hold an approved qualification for registration as a Medical Laboratory Technician you will be required to complete a suitable qualification before applying to the council for a change of scope

QMLT qualification requirements