Medical Laboratory Pre-Analytical Technician


Medical Laboratory Pre-Analytical Technicians (“pre-analytical technicians”) practise in the areas of laboratory specimen collection (commonly referred to as phlebotomy), laboratory specimen preparation (commonly referred to as specimen services), and donor technology.

Pre-Analytical Technicians may practise under a number of workplace titles including but not limited to: Phlebotomist, Donor Technician, and Specimen Services Technician. The scope of practice of Medical Laboratory Pre-Analytical Technician (Provisional Registration) is inclusive of these workplace titles.

The practice of specimen collection involves pathology laboratory specimen collection by following established procedures. Specimen collection includes collection of blood, non-blood specimens, and some specialised tests and procedures performed at the point of contact with patients.

The practice of laboratory specimen preparation involves the receipt and preparation of samples prior to laboratory testing.

The practice of donor technology involves the collection of blood and blood component donations from blood donors within the New Zealand Blood Service.

Prescribed Qualifications

The Council has prescribed the following qualifications for a person to be eligible for provisional registration as a medical laboratory pre-analytical technician:

  • Have completed a minimum of six-calendar months employment in an appropriately accredited New Zealand laboratory and passed the Qualified Medical Laboratory Technician (QMLT) Phlebotomy certificate, or the QMLT Donor Technician certificate or the QMLT Specimen Services certificate examination as set by the NZIMLS ;
  • Hold a New Zealand Bachelor of Science degree (or equivalent) with a major in a relevant biological science approved by the Council;
  • Hold an overseas biological science qualification that has been assessed by the Council as being substantially equivalent to either the (QMLT) Phlebotomy certificate, or the QMLT Donor Technician certificate or the QMLT Specimen Services certificate issued by the NZIMLS; 
  • Hold New Zealand or overseas registration as a registered nurse combined with post-qualification medical laboratory science experience in phlebotomy and/or donor technology that in the opinion of the Council is sufficient for provisional registration.

 Required Experience

  • You must have six month’s experience as a trainee in an appropriately accredited New Zealand diagnostic medical laboratory prior to sitting the QMLT examination.   You will be required to complete the remaining time under provisional registration until you have gained two-years’ experience in an ISO 15189 accredited New Zealand diagnostic medical laboratory.