Medical Laboratory Scientist

When you apply to the Medical Sciences Council for registration as a medical laboratory scientist you will be required to provide a number of documents as evidence that you have the required qualifications and experience that demonstrate you are competent and fit to practise in the relevant scope of practice in the profession of medical laboratory science.

All applications are to be made through the online registration link.  Once completed, you will receive a confirmation email with a checklist to be included with your application with the required documentation.

Please note: Once your registration has been granted you must apply to the Council for an annual practising certificate (APC) prior to beginning work as a registered medical laboratory scientist. 

Provisional Registration

If your application is successful you will be granted professional registration.  This means you will be practising under the supervision of a registered health practitioner who has been approved by the Council for a period as stipulated by the Council.

How long will I be supervised for?

You will be advised of how long your period of supervised practice will be once your registration application has been approved.  However it will be for at least 3-months and can be up to a maximum of 24-months.

If your period of provisional registration is for a period of more than 6-months your supervisor may be required to provide the Council with interim progress reports.  You and your supervisor will be advised of the timing for submission of those reports at the time of your registration and issue of an annual practising certificate.

Working under supervision or direction booklet

How do I gain full registration?

At the end of your provisional registration period, your supervisor will need to complete a Certification of Competency and Experience form (please refer to the Publications page).  Once this form has been submitted to the Council, it will be reviewed and you will be granted full registration and have your APC re-issued to you at no cost.

Medical Laboratory Scientists with full registration can practise without supervision.


  • Hold a Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science from a New Zealand university accredited by the Council; or

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 Substantially equivalent New Zealand qualification

  • Hold a Graduate Diploma in Science (Medical Laboratory Science) issued by a New Zealand university accredited by the Council; or
  • Hold a relevant New Zealand or overseas biological science postgraduate degree; or
  • Have completed a course of training, examinations and post-qualification medical laboratory experience that has been assessed by the Council as being substantially equivalent to the New Zealand Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science; or

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 Other New Zealand Qualification

  • Hold a relevant biological science undergraduate degree that has been assessed by the Council as being substantially equivalent to the New Zealand Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science.

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