Anaesthetic Technician

If you hold an overseas qualification you must be able to satisfy the Council that your education and experience equips you with clinical and theoretical knowledge and skills which are at least equivalent to the competencies of a New Zealand graduate of a prescribed qualification programme at point of entry to the Register.

All applications are to be made through the online registration link.  Once completed, you will receive a confirmation email with a checklist that is to be included with your application along with the required documentation.

Please note the fee to apply for registration is non-refundable if your application is not successful.


The Council has approved the following non-New Zealand qualification as being substantially equivalent to the prescribed qualifications:

Practitioners who hold a United Kingdom-issued qualification in anaesthetic technology and:

  • have at least 3680 hours (2 years fulltime equivalent) post-qualification relevant specialised anaesthetic technology experience, and
  • Are registered with HPC

will be eligible for registration in the Anaesthetic Technician scope of practice. 

Practitioners who hold a United Kingdom-issued qualification in anaesthetic technology and:

  • are registered with the HPC,
  • but have less than 3680 hours (2 years fulltime equivalent) post-qualification relevant and specialised anaesthetic technology experience,

may be registered but will need to complete a period of supervised practice.  The practitioner will be advised at the time of registration as to the specific length of supervised practice that will be required.  At the end of the period of supervised practice the practitioner will be required to sit and pass a Work-Based Assessment. 

All other overseas qualifications are assessed on a case-by-case basis as to whether or not the holder of that qualification meets the registration requirements of the Council.  The qualifications will be assessed against a standard set of criteria approved by the Council.

AT Competencies

Documents Required:

 Your application for registration must include the following documents:

  • 1 x current Curriculum Vitae;
  • Evidence of employment;
  • Evidence of name change (if applicable);
  • 1 X Completed Certificate of Standing and Experience,(personal);
  • 1 x Certification of Competence and Experience (professional);
  • 1 x certified copy of your academic qualification(s);
  • Copy of your academic transcript;
  • A copy of the full course curriculum (in English) for the qualification programme you undertook; 
  • If applicable, copy of your clinical log book detailing procedures completed during clinical component of qualification; click here for further information
  • 1 x certified passport-style photograph;
  • A copy of your IELTS examination results (if required);
  • If you are registered with a licensing/registration authority in your home country, please provide a certified copy of your current registration status and a current Certificate of Good Standing (not more than 6-months old).  The Certificate of Good Standing should state that there are no outstanding complaints against you in regard to your conduct as a health professional;
  • An original police certificate that is no more than three months old from each country you have lived and worked in for more than 6 months.  Please note, criminal check certificates issued by a third party will not be accepted;
  • A certificate of completion of the Health Care and the Treaty of Waitangi module:  

Note: a certified copy means that it must be confirmed as being a true and accurate copy and or likeness and signed by a Justice of the Peace, a lawyer, a Member of Parliament, or any other person authorised to take statutory declarations.

English language requirements

Communicating and liaising with patients and colleagues is a core competency required of anaesthetic technicians.

All registration applicants must meet the Council's English language requirements.  Refer to the policy to find out if you are required to undertake the IELTS assessment.

For more information on undertaking an IELTS assessment click

Criminal history checks

The following criminal history checks are accepted by the Council:

For countries not on this list, please check the Immigration New Zealand website.

What Happens next?

If your qualification has not been previously approved by the Council you may be asked to provide a full transcript of your qualification (in English) to allow the Council to have that qualification assessed against the New Zealand qualification prescribed for registration as an Anaesthetic Technician.

If your qualification has been previously approved by the Council and providing the Council has received all the required documents and they have been accurately completed, along with the fees payment, you can expect to be informed of the outcome of your application within 10 days of its receipt.

If your qualification needs to be assessed your application is likely to take at least 4-6 weeks to process.

Not Yet Arrived in New Zealand?

Please note that while you can apply for registration while still living overseas, when you want to work in New Zealand as an Anaesthetic Technician you will need to hold an annual practising certificate (APC).  You cannot apply for an APC until you are either resident in New Zealand or are able to provide the Council with supporting evidence of your pending move to New Zealand.