I am a Registered Practitioner

Complaints when a health consumer has not been affected

Under Section 34 of the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003 (the Act) if you, as a registered health practitioner, have concerns that another registered health practitioner may pose a risk of harm to the public by practising below the required standard of competence, you may inform the Medical Sciences Council in writing including the reasons on which your belief is based.

Under Section 45 of the Act if you, as a registered health practitioner, believe that another registered health practitioner is unable to perform the functions required for the practice of medical laboratory science or the practice of anaesthesia technology because of some mental or physical condition, you are obliged to promptly inform the Council in writing of all the circumstances.

The Council will consider all of the available information and determine the appropriate action to be taken.

The three categories: competence, conduct, and health

Concerns and complaints about health practitioners fall into one of three categories:

  • Competence – is the practitioner competent to practice?
  • Conduct – is the practitioner’s conduct appropriate and safe?
  • Health – is the practitioner with a physical or mental health issue fit to practise?

For each of these, the Council has a range of ways to respond, depending on the nature and seriousness of the concern or complaint.

Each notification is considered under the relevant section of the Act, and a decision made as to whether it should be handled as a competence, conduct or health issue.

Anonymous complaints

The Council cannot act on an anonymous complaint. The Act and the principles of natural justice require that the complainant participates in the process.

If you want to proceed with making a complaint against a registered health practitioner, put your concerns in writing and email to prof.standards@medsci.co.nz.

The Council will acknowledge receipt of your complaint and advise you on the next steps to be undertaken.

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