Conduct Reviews

The Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003 enables the Council to appoint a professional conduct committee (PCC) to investigate a complaint received by the Council alleging that the practice or conduct of a health practitioner registered with the Council may pose a risk of harm or serious harm to the public.

The Council may decide to refer a complaint referred by the Health and Disability Commissioner to a PCC.

The Council must refer all notifications that a registered health practitioner has been convicted in a New Zealand Court of an offence punishable by imprisonment for a term of 3 months or longer or any other offence as per section 67 (b) of the Act, to a PCC.

The PCC has jurisdiction to regulate its own procedures. The PCC adopts and follows procedures to ensure the health practitioner who is the subject of the reference, the Council, and any complainant, are kept informed of the progress of the review.