Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

The Council's recertification programme framework is based on a continuing professional development (CPD) model. 

Health practitioners registered with the Council are required to maintain their competence in their relevant scope of practice. Each individual health practitioner has a responsibility to keep their knowledge up to date by undertaking relevant CPD throughout their career.

Health practitioners are expected to manage their CPD through enrolment with a CPD provider that has been approved by the Council.

If you have been selected for the 2024 CPD Audit you will need to submit your documents by 30 July 2024.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get out of being audited?

You can make a request (stating why you wish to be exempt from participating in the audit). It needs to be done via email, within 10 business days after receiving the initial selection email.

Can I provide hard copy information?

No. All documents/information must be scanned, numbered, oriented the same way (either portrait or landscape, but not both), combined/saved as one pdf document, and sent by email. Please include your registration number in all communications with the Council.

Email – with the subject heading ‘Council CPD Audit 2024’ – include the following information in the body of the email: first name/surname and registration number.

Can I get an extension on submitting my CPD information?

Extensions will be assessed on a case by case basis. Please email the team at 

How often are health practitioners audited/asked to provide details of what they’ve done to continue their professional development?

Every two years a number (not all) of MSC health practitioners are selected to participate in a CPD audit. However, we anticipate that within a five-year period all MSC health practitioners will have taken part in an audit.

Am I legally required to participate in a CPD audit if asked?

This audit is a legislative requirement (under the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003, Section 41). It ensures health practitioners are providing safe services to the public they are caring for.

What does Continuing Professional Development (CPD) mean?

CPD is where a health practitioner takes part in learning activities throughout their career to ensure they continue to practise safely, effectively, and legally within their scope of practice (as it evolves).

I’ve been a working practitioner for more than 15 years. Am I still required to do Continuing Professional Development?

Yes. All health practitioners must be able to provide evidence they have engaged in a minimum amount of CPD (40hrs) within a two-year period. For more specific details about this view the CPD Policy.

How much CPD/professional development is a health practitioner required to do?

View the CPD Policy - it specifies how many hours a health practitioner needs to spending on their CPD each year, and what the requirements are.

I work part-time. Am I still required to do Continuing Professional Development?

Yes. The minimum amount of CPD required applies to all health practitioners, regardless of whether they are employed on a full-time, part-time or casual basis. For more specific details about this view the CPD Policy.

I’ve been on extended leave/haven’t worked as a health practitioner for three years. Do the CPD requirements still apply to me?

A specific method is used for determining the minimum number of CPD hours to be recorded in this instance. For more specific details about this view the CPD Policy under ‘Pro-rated CPD’.

How do I know what kind of CPD activities are relevant to my scope of practice?

View the relevant CPD Policy for your scope of practice (under ‘CPD activities’ and ‘Examples of CPD activities’) for relevant details.

Is there a particular tool/form I should use to record the CPD activities that I’ve done?

Yes. We have provided a ‘logbook’ template on this website so you can record all of the CPD activities you have undertaken, for each of the auditable periods. For more specific details on how to use the logbook view the CPD policy under ‘A logbook’.

What is a ‘reflective statement’?

A reflective statement demonstrates what you have learnt and how its benefited your practice as a health practitioner.

Where is the CPD Policy document?

The CPD Policy document (Continuing Professional Development) is here. You can also access it on this website under the following pages/scopes of practise: CPD Programmes Medical Laboratory Scientist; CPD Programmes Medical Laboratory Technician & Medical Laboratory Pre Analytical Technician; CPD Programmes Anaesthetic Technician.

What if I didn't practice for the full period that I am being audited for?

Information about this is on page 7 of the CPD Policy document - it says:

If you are registered for the first time OR you’re returning to practice and haven’t worked during the full audit period (which currently is January 2022 to December 2023), then follow the guidelines below:

  • Medical Laboratory Scientists and Anaesthetic Technicians: five (5) hours of CPD for each three-month period the health practitioner has been working within the relevant biennium (the two-year consecutive period we are currently auditing, ie between Jan 2022 and Dec 2023)
  • Medical Laboratory Technicians and Medical Laboratory Pre-Analytical Technicians: three (3) hours of CPD for each three-month period the health practitioner has been working within the relevant biennium.