The Council acknowledges the impact of flooding and Cyclone Gabrielle on practitioners and whānau in all affected areas. If you have been impacted by the cyclone and have any issues or concerns surrounding annual practising certificate renewal, please do not hesitate to contact the Council if you need to speak with us about your application.


Practising Certificate renewals are open from 14 February until 31 March. 

Raise a concern (registered practitioner)

Raising a concern about a colleague

Under Section 45 of the Act, if you are a registered health practitioner, you are obliged to inform the Council if you believe that another registered health practitioner has a mental or physical condition which impacts on their competence to practise in medical laboratory science or anaesthestic technology.

If a concern has been raised about you

When the Council receives a complaint about you they may decide to:

  • refer you for a competence review
  • refer the matter to a professional conduct committee 
  • order you to undergo a medical examination or testing
  • establish a competence programme
  • establish an individual recertification programme
  • apply an interim suspension (in certain circumstances)
  • apply an interim condition on your scope of practice, or
  • take no further action