CPD Programmes Anaesthetic Technician

The Council's recertification framework for Anaesthetic Technicians is based on a continuing professional development (CPD) model. New CPD requirements apply from 1 January 2020.

A condition of being issued with an APC is that you must be able to provide evidence you have undertaken at least 40-hours of CPD activities within a 2-year period.  If you fail to meet your CPD requirements the issue of your APC may be delayed. 

CPD and compliance audit

CPD is monitored based on a 2-year cycle – a biennium – which is aligned to calendar years.  The schedule for the next three biennium is:

  • January 2022 to December 2023
  • January 2024 to December 2025
  • January 2026 to December 2027

Anaesthetic Technicians must be able to provide evidence that

  • they have engaged in 40-hours of CPD within a 2-year period (biennium).
  • a minimum of 15 hours of CPD has been undertaken each one-year of the relevant biennium.
  • at least 60% of their CPD related to activities classified as substantive CPD. This equates to 24-hours in any one biennium.

There will be no audit in 2023, however, practitioners must continue to engage in CPD during 2023. The next audit will be completed in 2024 and will cover the 2022-2023 biennium. In 2024, the Council will audit 40% of registered anaesthetic technicians.

Please note the CPD policy will be updated in due course with the recent changes to the CPD cycle.

As a registered anaesthetic technician you must keep a record of the professional development activities you have engaged in for the previous three-year period as you could be required to provide this to the Council if called up for audit.


While you can apply to the Council for an exemption from a recertification programme, exemption is the exception rather than the rule and will not be approved on an ongoing or long-term basis.  Being away on parental leave for any period within a CPD programme cycle is one situation where the Council may grant an exemption.  All requests for exemption are to be submitted to the Council when you apply for your APC.  You can email these requests to ataudit@medsci.co.nz .